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Distance is only a state of mind, this app will bring you together

By Frank Kanyua

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Skype is a app that enables chatting and making calls with its advanced functionality. It acts in a way that once you know the name of another user you can chat with them. It doesn't include a friend request like Facebook but you will have to create an account with them. You only need to have an email address. Even when you uninstall Skype the account will still be active and when someone sends you a message it will be displayed in your email account..

You can also gain Skype credit to use it to call or video chat with someone. When you want to install Skype you wont have to do a lot of staff..


When you unzip or run the exe file, you will see a message pop up in the windows saying. not far to go now, and prompting you to choose the default language you want to use. after you do this click i agree-next to continue..

Then another message will appear asking you to choose your search engine. It will always display bing because bing is also an accelerator. You can choose not to choose this by unchecking the box below and then click on continue.

After that the installation will begin, it is advised that you have internet connected in order to upgrade Skype if there is an upgrade available. Wait for sometime for this to finish..

Once done skype will ask you to sign up or login. Do so and then Skype will open and you can start adding people to your list. Also in the background there will also be another configuration setup . It will ask you to choose a user name spaces are not allowed. choose your profile picture and also configure you web cam for video chats and your mic..

Thats it you are good to go. il just leave the rest for you to experience .


The fact that i can make video calls without having to put on credits make it worth while installing skype.. also it doesn't charge you more to to chat with someone close to you or miles away..


  • The app is free of charge
  • delivery of messages is quick
  • Video calls are very clear
  • It is also available for smart phones


  • require some credit in some features
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Skype - Free phone calls to other users anywhere in the world.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, May 30, 2014

Skype is software that enables text communications, voice and video over IP (VoIP). Its main feature is the free voice communication and video Skype connected people around the world. It also enables special, very cheap calls between computers and phones or landlines. You can use Skype to communicate freely by text, voice or video with other Skype users.

You can also use Skype as group communication and free voice conferencing between multiple users of Skype, all with Internet-connected PC. As communication and sending low cost data (text and graphics) from a Skype user with a PC connected to Internet fax machines (or computers with fax software) connected to fixed telephony networks. Agreement required payment.

Skype is easy to use and quick to install, it works with all firewall, NAT and router. You don’t have to configure. Skype calls have a high sound quality and are highly secure. Skype works on most computers: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Pocket Out.


  • The application has economic rates
  • Skype works on different operating systems


  • To call landlines have to pay.
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If you have family or friends in other countries, Skype is the perfect program

By Steven Moore

On Wednesday, April 2, 2014

When the extinction of Messenger was announced, I think that no software will be able to replace it, but here Skype is. It is exactly the same, but in addition you can phone people all over the world. You can do what you did with Messenger, and many more things. Provided he or she has Skype installed, you can talk with this person regardless where she or he is. This is a great advantage for those people whose relatives live at the other end of the world. In addition, you can send them screenshots, images and video files, and also audio files.

Moreover, it is quite useful that Skype has Facebook integrations. This way, you can find all your Facebook friends who also use Skype and call them. You can join together 300 people in the same conversation, which is very useful for business groups. Nevertheless, you can make a videoconference just with one single person unless you have a premium account. The premium account will provide you with the ability to videophone more than one person at the same time, so you all can see your faces when talking.

In conclusion, this software is very useful since you can call other people in a free way, regardless their location and the device they have.


  • It is free if the other person also has Skype
  • You can create groupal conversations


  • You need premium account to call more than one person at once
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am using this program to comunicate with my family and friends who are aways from me there are several ways to use skype this system of an

  • contacting friends, talking to people in groups and sharing experiences and seeing faces I haven't seen for years, staying in touch with family

  • social networking to interact with friends relatives and busssiness partners. will also use it for researching more friends and have video chatting

  • for communicating/chatting/videocall and exchange messages of my relatives outside the philippines. And for personal use only especially in school.

  • video calls to friends and family for social communication because it is very nice and user friendly software i think. this will be help full.

What similar programs have you used?
  • We are a shipping company operating a fleet of nine (9) chemical tanker based in Piraeus, Greece and interested in Boiler suit (coverall uniforms) to be provided by your company. no i have none

  • I have not used any similar program previously, but now I am interested to use the skype for communication with people for work or interview purpose and the likes.

  • I have used Google Chrome, Yahoo Messenger, mIRC, Instagram, Spotify, Snapchat and all other social media applications. But only used Skype.

  • many programmes like format factory, skype, i cloud, window movie maker free you tube downloader i tunes adobe premiere and photoshop and all

  • very good program i always to use it because it is easy and fast and large also he help me a lot when i talk with my friends around the world

What do you like most about this program?
  • communicate with friends and family around the world make conference calls download pictures videos make new friends invite people to some events

  • im satisfied because of its greatness service to the filipino people and around the whole universe, better and good and perfect communication

  • Skype is a versatile programme that enables people to communicate easily across the globe. Its impact is far-reaching. Commendations to the developers.

  • Gives an opportunity having online visual conversation with friends abroad. More over its easy in use, cheaper then making phone call or other.




Skype is a VoIP service owned by Microsoft, which replaces the former Instant Messaging client known as MSN Messenger. This software allows you to get in touch and talk to your friends and relatives, not only just with Instant Messages, but also through an excellent free video conferencing service. Skype works on a multitude of devices as well as Operating Systems that make it an excellent extended cross-platform communication program. It additionally comes with various plugins to download that can ideally customize your user experience.

Skype is based on the peer-to-peer protocol that involves the constant use of many nodes at the same time for improving both voice and video quality over its competitors. At the same time, the application takes advantage of the system’s background processes, which may increases its memory use, but in exchange it offers a high level of stability.

Skype works on many devices and Operating Systems, which make it an excellent extended cross-platform communication program

Skype allows you to communicate with any kind of user no matter what kind of device they are using. You can use it for conference calls with your friends while they are away, using mobile phones via Wi-Fi or 3G. Additionally you can make calls to landlines, but this function is optional and requires buying credits. Anyway, Skype-to-Skype communication will be good enough for any kind of user to call their contacts on Blackberry, Android or iOS mobile devices, as well as any kind of computer or tablet.

Use it everywhere with everyone

Since social networks are a significant part of our daily lives, and Skype has included total integration with Facebook. With this new function, you will be able to chat and perform video conferences online with any user that you have in your personal account or with FB friends with Skype. This can save you effort and time since a Skype account won’t be necessary when you can use your Facebook one instead.

We can’t forget about one of its main functions, which is the Instant Messaging feature to talk to your contacts. As is usual with this kind of services, you can use emoticons while you are communicating with one of your contacts, which are always great if you want to add emphasis to your feelings. There is an option to create a chat group of up to 300 different contacts, so these groups can be absolutely massive. Also, what is a really useful feature is the ability to send SMS messages using Skype if you need your contact to receive it straight away.

The main interface does not show all the features Skype actually has; it only promotes its main services for communicating with your contacts. If you check the different menus, you will find interesting functions like Screen Sharing that will let you share what you have on your screen at that moment in time. This is really useful for remote support or in situations for video conferences and showing presentations to your contacts.

Screen Sharing function in action
Screen Sharing function in action

Skype Features

Below you can find the list of Skype's main features:

  • High quality video conferences compatible with several kinds of devices, from tablets to smartphones
  • Use Facebook to connect through Skype instead of using an Internet browser for managing your social network account
  • Import your mail contacts from your own Microsoft email address to get instant communication
  • Share files online with your contacts, as well as sharing your screen while you talk to them
  • Make calls to landlines with the credits service that allows you to phone someone when they are offline
  • You will find additional plugins to download to increase its functions, like call recording

If you want additional information about Skype, you are free to check its official webpage through this link.

Loading a new call
Loading a new call

System Requirements

Here you can check Skype’s minimum requirements for your operating system:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP 3 or later
  • CPU: 1 GHz processor or faster
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • HDD: 20 MB free space
  • DirectX v9.0 previously installed

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